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Rolling Stones eco-traveling capsule by Nice Architects. Part gypsy wagon, part RV trailer, and all aerodynamic eco-capsule, this mobile modern living structure is compact, built from environmentally friendly materials, and self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and waste.

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10 World’s Greenest Countries

  • 1. Iceland
  • 2. Switzerland
  • 3. Costa Rica
  • 4. Sweden
  • 5. Norway
  • 6. Mauritius
  • 7. France
  • 8. Austria
  • 9. Cuba
  • 10. Colombia

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  • Plentiful Parks
  • Efficient Public Transportation
  • Quality Public Space
  • Bike Lanes
  • High Profile Green Buildings
  • Comprehensive Recycling and Composting Programs
  • Mixed-Use and Infill Development
  • Green Leadership
  • Smart Energy Policies
  • Good Green Fun

Photo credit & article source: Yahoo! Green

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Trees from our hand.


5 breakthroughs that will make solar power cheaper than coal
Solar technology charges forward despite Washington’s backward march. Just check out this solar cell printed on paper — MIT has found a way to print solar cells on just about anything, using low temperatures and vapor. The resulting printed paper cell is extremely durable and can be folded and unfolded more than 1,000 times with no loss in performance!

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